Version history and feature list of Ultimate Maps Downloader

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 4.7

Changes in supported Map Servers and map types :
  • OpenStreetMap
  • OpenCycleMap
  • OpenCycleMap (Transport)
  • OpenCycleMap (Landscape)
  • OpenSeaMap
  • OpenStreet 4U

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 4.0

  • Now you can select multiple regions to download at the same time.
  • Ability to change route color.
  • New UI toolbar optimized for tablets (optional)
  • Option to reverse X/Y axis numbers (from right to left and/or bottom to top) in tile names.
  • FIX: Foursquare API is fixed.
  • Various minor bug fixes and User Interface improvements.

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 3.0

  • Brand new and redesigned user interface: modern look, touch ready, new icons and skins.
  • Support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 GPS location services (current location, speed, etc).
  • Ready for use on Windows 8 tablets (UI is touch enabled) in online and offline mode (download and cache map tiles first and use them offline later).
  • Print, preview and export the current map view to PDF.
  • Copy map image to Windows Clipboard for easily sharing in other applications.
  • Copy the location and marker (POI) information to clipboard.
  • Full support for Windows 64 bit OS.
  • FIX: Creation of World file for large (combined) tiles is fixed.

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 2.7

  • New measuring tool
  • Find nearest Foursquare venues by categories
  • Import and export GPX files
  • Map ruler
  • Find walking and driving routes.
  • Option to find venues along the route
  • Option to delete route
  • Various bug fixes and UI tweaks
  • Download tiles in TIFF and TFW file formats
  • Changes in supported Map Servers and map types.

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 2.6

  • Create ESRI World File (jgw) for all downloaded tiles and images for use in professional mapping software like Global Mapper and ER Mapper
  • Now you can combine downloaded tiles in larger tiles (2x2, 3x3,...) 
  • Option to cache tiles only for off-line use
  • Other UI features and improvements (drag and drop markers, edit POI, create POI from Foursquare venue, etc...)
  • FIX: Support for Foursquare API v2 (Foursquare venues search doesn't work in UMD 2.4)

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 2.4

  • Search nearest venues and tips from Foursquare
  • Create text file with each tile coordinates
  • More than 600 POI icons are included in the package
  • Some UI tweaks

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 2.0

  • Easy select area to download from on screen map 
  • Find locations by coordinates or name/address using geo-coding services.
  • Add markers to selected locations (with location information).
  • Calculate routes on your map.
  • Save map projects for future use.
  • Save map images as you see them on the screen.

Ultimate Maps Downloader Version 1.0

  • Download and save small tile images from various servers and combine them in one large map
  • Select multiple Zoom levels ranged from 1 to 20. You can get detailed map of your home town
  • Supported image formats are jpeg, png, gif and bmp.

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