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Difference between Standard and Professional

Log Parser Lizard is available in two editions – Standard and Professional.

Aside from the features of the free trial version, the Standard Edition can assess data through the user-friendly Pivot Table and print or export data in different formats, including HTML, Excel, TSV, XLS, PDF, and more.

The Professional Edition boasts all the features of the Standard Edition plus Report and Dashboard Designers. Both editions come with basic customer support.

Both editions come with basic customer support.

These Editions are designed to meet both your requirements and budget.

You will also have to choose the type of license you want to use when ordering the Log Parser Lizard.

A single-user license allows you to install, activate and use Log Parser Lizard on up to two computers if one user uses those computers.

A site license allows you to install and register this product on up to 60 computers, including servers, within one company site. A company site is defined as a single geographic location or group of locations within one city that are part of a single organization unit administered centrally. One license key is issued to register a site license on all computers.

There is a discount when several licenses are bought simultaneously. Purchase two or more single-user licenses and receive 10%, 15%, or 20% off each license. Purchase two or more site licenses and receive 20% off each license. See the prices on the ordering page.

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