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I want Log Parser Lizard GUI to be much better and I want to help. How to help?

If you like the product and website, there are several ways in which you can help us with our software development efforts. Here is a list of some of them:

Link to this site

Mention Lizard Labs Software on your blog, on mailing lists, on wikis, as blog comments or mention it to your friends. Please don't spam - link to it where appropriate. Reciprocal or conditional linking is not practiced, accepted or appreciated.

Send corrections

If you detect any problems such as bugs, spelling errors, grammatical or syntactical errors, bad phrasing, broken links or any other problems, feel free to report them. 

Suggest new features

We are always happy to hear suggestions for new features for our products.

Feeling generous?

Want to show your appreciation on what we do here at Lizard Labs Software, but can’t figure out how? If what we created has benefited you in some way, you can always buy more licenses of the product :)  (and thanks in advance for your generosity :)))


Thanks for your help, and thanks for using Lizard Labs software for Microsoft Windows!

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