I want Log Parser Lizard GUI to be much better and I want to help. How to help?

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Log Parser Lizard: FAQ

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  2. Can I try Log Parser Lizard before I buy it?
  3. I own a previous version of Log Parser Lizard. Do you offer upgrade pricing from a previous version?
  4. How can I modify formula field?
  5. How do I download updates and upgrade?
  6. How do I enter my license code in Log Parser Lizard?
  7. How do I specify in the regex that I want to match something on the second line of the output?
  8. How to get user input for queries?
  9. How to view Windows Event Log using Log Parser Lizard
  10. I just wanted to find out what extra features are enabled after registering this product
  11. I purchased a license for Log Parser Lizard, but I can not find where to download it from. Please advise where it can be downloaded from.
  12. I want Log Parser Lizard GUI to be much better and I want to help. How to help?
  13. I was unable to download the Log Parse Lizard. What to do?
  14. I'm getting Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {............ID.........} failed due to the following error: 80040154 anytime I click on any of the options
  15. Is there a listing of example log queries beyond those listed in the UI?
  16. Who is using Log Parser Lizard?
  17. How to look at the logs of multiple servers?
  18. Can I use Log Parser Lizard to Query MS SQL, Oracle or My SQL database?
  19. My anti virus software is telling me it found security risk in LogParserLizard.msi
  20. Why am I getting an out of memory exception when I have more memory than is being used?
  21. I've ordered today but my license code not working
  22. Please can you send us a reseller quote for this license, and more important, is there a reseller discount available?
  23. Can I use Log Parser Lizard for Google BigQuery BigData services?
  24. I did not receive the confirmation email after requesting free trial. What should I do?

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