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How to look at the logs of multiple servers?

MS Logparser and Log Parser Lizard are tools for advanced IT professionals, system administrators and software developers. They are using SQL queries to extract any data from various log formats (including text based logs). Unfortunately I can't tell exactly how to get required information using Log Parser Lizard, but if you have that info in your log files or in Windows system logs probably it can be extracted using LPL.

The best would be to try the product and see if it works for you, or try to find an answer on some of Q&A developer communities like these

Also try to read some articles on the Internet in order to get more familiar with Logparser and Log Parser Lizard. I think that these may be of your interest:

Well... You can use queries like this in order to select events from System event log from different server(s):


The user that runs the query must have appropriate privileges to access event log (for instance, domain admin). Please note that you cant parse Evtx events from Windows XP that supports only evt log format.

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