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How to start using Log Parser Lizard GUI

Here is a simple guide for using Log Parser Lizard GUI query software successfully to view and analyze your system event logs log files:

  • Run Log Parser Lizard
  • Create a new query by clicking on the “New query” button on the toolbar
  • From the drop down list in the toolbar select your input log format (for example 'Windows Event Log')
  • Check properties (the button next to the drop down list) – these are equivalent to MS LogParser command line switches or leave defaults.
  • Enter a simple query (as you would in MS LogParser command line) in a query text box in the bottom of the window (ex. select top 10 * from System) to see if it works.
  • Click "Run Query"
  • See results
  • You can organize your queries in separate groups (the groups are on the left of the main window in the so-called-outlook-bar). Manage groups from the "Home" toolbar tab.
  • In the “Manage Constants” dialog box you can set constants (similar to C/C++ macros) that would be replaced in every query.
  • You can configure the query options for exporting data with queries.
  • You can always save results in Microsoft Excel file for future analysis.
  • Use right mouse click on grid view header to configure the data grid.
  • Use right mouse click on grid footer to add column summaries
  • Use Dashboard Designer to create charts, pivot tables, world maps, tree-maps and other dashboard elements.

The complete Logparser SQL documentation to help you with queries can be found here:

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