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Version history and feature list of Log Parser Lizard

Log Parser Lizard is the best GUI for MS Logparser, a powerful engine for parsing and analyzing different kind of data including text based log files for IIS, Exchange, SharePoint, Windows Event Logs, File system and many other. You can read more and find the download link here:

Log Parser Lizard 8.x

Released: 2021-10-03 (v.8.5) latest
Released: 2021-05-26 (v.8.1)    
Released: 2021-02-23 (v.8.0)  
  • User interface tweaks, performance improvements and bug fixes with each new release.
  • New input formats: EvtxEcmd and Multiline record reader (v8.5).
  • New data grid features: highlight cell text, set quick find as filter, hide empty columns, show all columns (v8.5).
  • Improved input formats: delimited-field format now can combine columns from files with different structure (v8.5).
  • Improvements in SQLite RDBMS engine (new modules included out of the box). These modules are helpful for log analysis by using SQLite: csv, json1, xml, generate_series, zipfile, Portable Log Parser ParsingModule, etc. You can list all available modules and functions: "select * from pragma_module_list; select * from pragma_function_list" (v8.5).
  • Allows you to export the data grid to a huge Excel datasets (200.000+ rows) (v8.1)
  • Built-in Web Server – run queries in your browser or using JSON Web API. Useful for accessing LPL queries from the browser, for developers and for connecting LPL with external data analytics software that can read data from JSON Web API.
  • New input format: Media files – read metadata from media files (image, audio, video)
  • New input format: Delimiter-separated values – CSV/TSV plugin for reading text-based files with advanced features (including reading from compressed and online streams)
  • New input format: W3C Log Format Ex – read W3C logs from advanced file streams including compressed, encrypted or http/ftp/s3 stream. Also, additional fields like User Agent parsing and other fields.
  • New input format: Windows Event Log Ex – fixes some bugs from built-in MS Logparser IF and adds some extra fields. Also, can read any event log, not only System, Application or Security logs.
  • Support for direct reading from Amazon S3 in all LPL built-in plugins  (also from v7.x still can  read http(s), ftp, zip, gz streams) – for example, use it like this with delimited-field format: select top 100 * from ‘s3://{accesskey}:{secret}’
  • Many User Interface improvements.
  • Built-in source code editor for many text files including (C#, SQL, VB, JSON, XML, etc.) –very helpful for .NET developers to quickly open the source file logged in the exception.
  • Search cell values on web search engines with one click (saves time when looking for an error message).
  • Easy to export data and share/send e-mail with one click. For example, this really saves time when running custom queries on some database then you need to send the report to someone else.
  • Right-click on existing file path in grid or editor will bring up windows file context menu with options to work with selected file.
  • Only one edition is available now. Till version 7.x there were standard and professional edition, but now all features are collected in one edition named Professional edition.

Log Parser Lizard 7.x

Released: 2019-07-18 (v.7.0) download
  • Completely new and much better user interface
  • Support for GROK aliases in regular expressions, log4j/log4net XML parser, and many other improvements in input formats
  • Really a lot of new UI features like preview window, notes, sharing, etc... you have to try it
  • Performance Improvements and bug fixes

Log Parser Lizard 6.8

Released: 2018-12-22 download
  • New samples and step by step tutorial
  • Editable Output window
  • Dark theme support in query editor
  • Performance Improvements when scrolling through rows and during cell update
  • Many other minor improvements

Log Parser Lizard 6.7

Released: 2017-09-07
  • Data aware Excel export enhancements
  • Chart legend items can now display a marker and check box simultaneously
  • The Expression Editor now supports auto completion and syntax highlighting
  • Improved the in-memory data processing capabilities of the Pivot Grid. It is now up to 3-7 times faster than previous versions.
  • Chart Wizard and Dashboard Wizard added to popup menus

Log Parser Lizard 6.6

Released: 2017-05-16
  • 90 days trial period for Standard edition and 30 days for Professional edition
  • MySQL Input Format. New in version 6.5.
  • Fixed: main window can't resize
  • Fixed: blurry toolbar icons on wide screens
  • Fixed: dashboard is not saved sometimes when clicked on Save button and other bug fixes.

Log Parser Lizard 6.0

Released: 2016-11-22
  • * New Sharing Wizard for easily sharing reports on various cloud drives.
  • * New Input Type “Custom Visual Basic.Net plugin” allows you to create your own input format in Visual Basic .Net without compiling the code or advanced COM programming (two samples are included)
  • * New Tree Map view. The new Tree Map data view allows you to visualize data using nested rectangles that are sized and ordered by a quantitative variable.
  • Save/Load Input and output format properties to/from file
  • New series types in Charts. Log Parser Lizard version 6.0 ships with the following new series types:
  • Nested Doughnut Chart,
  • Scatter Polar Line and Scatter Radar Line,
  • Stacked Step Area,
  • Full Stacked Step Area,
  • Radar Range Area,
  • Polar Range Area.
  •  New Financial and Error Bar Indicators in charts. This release ships with the following new financial indicators:
  • Average True Range
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Detrended Price Oscillator
  • Mass Index
  • Median Price
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence
  • Rate Of Change (Momentum)
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Standard Deviation
  • Stochastic Indicator
  • Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)
  • Triple Exponential Moving Average (TriX)
  • Typical Price
  • Volatility Chaikins
  •  Weighted Close
  •  Williams R
  •  The following Chart Error Bar indicator types are now available in Chart Wizard:
  • Fixed - represents errors as a fixed value.
  • Standard Error - error is calculated as a standard error.
  • Standard Deviation - error is calculated as a standard deviation.
  • Data Source Based - error values are loaded from a data source.
  • In LPL 6.x you can obtain chart colors from a datasource. Also new Office Inspired Chart Palettes include: Blue Warm, Blue, Blue II, Blue Green, Green, Green Yellow, Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange, Red, Red Orange, Red, Red Violet, Violet, Violet II, Median, Paper, Marquee, Slipstream.
  • New Chart Designer dialog box is created as replacement of Chart Wizard (Chart Wizard is still here but you can use Chart Designer if you find it better)
  • Microsoft Excel inspired dialog to edit Format Rules in data grid.
  • Microsoft Excel data Export enhancements.
  • News in Data Source Wizard for Dashboard and WYSISIG Report designers that simplifies the process of binding reports to external data source. Our new Visual Query Builder gives you a powerful and straightforward way to visualize the structure of SQL queries. The Query Builder displays tables, columns, keys and relationships and offers the user experience found in Microsoft Access and Visual Studio's Dataset Designer.
  • Data Source Wizard now supports Excel  and Google Big Query data source. With this release, you can bind data in Dashboard and Report Designer to several new data sources including Microsoft Excel workbooks and CSV files (a worksheet, table or named region).
  • We extended the capabilities of our GUI with additional Office-inspired animations.
  • Filtering user experience  has been improved.
  • New features in Dashboard Designer: in LPL 6.0, we have extended filtering capabilities with new filter elements: ComboBox, DropDown with multiselection, ListBox with multiselection, RadioGroup, TreeView. You can bind these elements to data source and customize their master filtering options.
  • Dashboard Item Group to arrange dashboard items to a separate group and enable group filtering.
  • Binding Data to Color Palette in dashboards to associate individual fields with a color palette to colorize dimension values and specific measures.
  • Conditionally Formatted Data Bars to add data bars to Pivot and Grid cells and compare measure values corresponding to different categories.
  • In LPL 6.0 you can bind the Dashboards to external data from MS SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Excel workbooks and CSV files. The following Excel formats are supported: XLS, XLSX and XLSM. You can specify the source worksheet, table or named region from which to obtain data. You can also export dashboard item data to a file in PDF and MS Excel format.
  • The Grid dashboard item allows you now to add totals to columns. You can manage the visibility of Totals and Grand Totals for a Pivot dashboard item.
  • The Chart dashboard item allows you to use a logarithmic scale for its Y-axis. New Scatter Chart to visualize relationships between numerical variables in dashboards also provides a logarithmic scale for both axes.
  • Dashboard Parameters now support multi-selection allowing you to select multiple values at once. You can also pass a null value as a dashboard parameter.
  • New Local Data Storage Mode (Extract). With Dashboard's new Local Data Storage mode allows you to save the data snapshot on a client machine. Local Data Storage means that end-users can now create offline views and do not need a live connection to the database to interface with a Dashboard.
  • Various improvements in these Dashboards features: Conditional Formatting, Calculated Fields on Summary Level, Data Access
  • Text Box and Image Dashboard Items can be bound to a Dashboard's data source. This new feature can be used alongside Master Filtering in order to display specific information (for instance, a product's description or its image) for the selected value.
  • Support for bar, stacked bars and full-stacked bars.
  • Range Filter in Dashboard Designer – Redesign and Predefined Ranges support.
  • Various bug fixes, performance and memory usage optimization. With this release, we've improved the chart, data grid and dashboard performance and optimized memory usage when working with large volumes of data.

Log Parser Lizard 5.6

Released: 2016-01-24 download
  • New features in Dashboard Designer: change chart colors, groups, combo box, list box and tree view filters.
  • New property Recourse in RegEx and log4net Input formats for searching sub folders.

Log Parser Lizard 5.5 

Released: 2015-11-17
  • Automatically Check for updates every 30 days. New in v5.0.3
  • Sample queries from users are added to the installation package. New in v5.0.3
  • Create windows tasks from LPL Run properties. New in v5.1.0
  • Auto-create ZIP backup files on 10 days. New in v5.1.0
  • Various application settings and improvements. New in v5.1.0
  • Hyperlink in data grid. New in v5.5.0
  • Now you can use LPL in unattended mode (without UI from - Task Scheduler for instance). New in v5.5.0
  • New options when running queries with parameters. New in v5.5.0
  • Change Query Tab appearance. New in v5.5.0
  • External tools. New in v5.5.0
  • Quick Query, 
  • DB Connection String Builder, 
  • Report Designer and
  • Dashboard Viewer and Designer.

Log Parser Lizard 5.0

  • Available in two editions: Standard Edition and Professional Edition (find more info on the site).
  • ** Dashboard designer with a number of new features and visualizations (Maps, Charts, Tables, Gauges, Pivot Tables, Cards, etc…). This feature is available only in Professional Edition (15 days FREE trial).
  • ** WYSISWG Report Designer also available only in Professional Edition.
  • New Input Formats:
    - Excel file reader,
    - HTML Table reader,
    - Microsoft Visual Basic .Net,
    - C# .Net,
    - Powershell,
    - Ultimate Dates Table and
    - Regular Expression Enhanced.
  • Automatically send emails with attachments to default email address.
  • Auto run queries.
  • Set custom shell command that will execute on double click on the tables cell or row.
  • New keyword “--LL PROPS: ” for setting query options in the query.  Now you can use different input types in single command (in combination with data set operations GO, MERGE, etc…). You can also put the parameters from a button on a toolbar
  • New help documentation.
  • Context menu in “All Queries” window.
  • New Excel inspired styles in Data Grid (right click on a column for the options)
  • Customizable Data Grid, Pivot Grid and column properties
  • Improved Excel exporter (grouped rows will be grouped in the Excel too, not just list of all rows)
  • A number of other things: help documents, UI improvements, application settings, performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • New keywords to merge, join, group queries (these can be very useful since the merged datasets can be used in Dashboards and Reports):
  • GO - create tables in single dataset without relation (useful in dashboard and reports)
  • MERGE - merge tables in one
  • LPL_UNION - same as MERGE
  • LPL_INTERSECT - intersection of two tables
  • LPL_PRODUCT - product of two tables
  • RELATION_ON_FIRST_COLUMN - create tables in single dataset and try to create a relation on first column (must be of same data type)
  • RELATION_ON_SAME_COLUMNS - create tables in single dataset and try to create a relation on all columns with same name
  • JOIN_ON_FIRST_COLUMN - joins results of two tables in another one on the first column
  • JOIN_ON_SAME_COLUMNS - joins tables on the columns with the same name




SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM System                 

From version 5 Log Parser Lizard have 2 editions:

Standard edition: have all the features of the Free edition + export or print data in various formats (Excel, PDF, Rtf, Html, etc...) and Pivot Table

Professional edition:have all the features of standard edition + Dashboards and Report Designer

We are planing to redesign the site and explain the differences between these editions on. At the moment here is short info about editions and license types:

Log Parser Lizard is currently available in two different editions, Standard and Professional. Professional Edition builds on the previous one to offer more functionality. These Editions are designed to meet both your requirements and budget. Please choose one. Depending on what you need at the moment, you can also start with Standard Editions and upgrade later. For more information on the features in both editions, please visit our web site

You have to choose the type of license you want to use when ordering Log Parser Lizard. A single-user license allows you to install, activate and use Log Parser Lizard on up to two computers, if those computers are used by one user. A site license allows you to install and register this product on up to 60 computers, including servers, within one company site. A company site is defined as a single geographic location or group of locations within one city that are part of a single organization unit administered centrally. One license key is issued to register a site license on all computers. There is a discount when several licenses are bought simultaneously (see the prices bellow).

Purchase 2 or more single user licenses and receive 10%, 15% or 20% off each license. Purchase 2 or more site licenses and receive 20% off each license.

Log Parser Lizard 4.0

  • We completely rewrote the user interface to make it easier to explore.
  • We completely rewrote the cod editor with much better support for syntax highlighting and auto complete (for MS Logparser and Google BigQuery code).
  • Pivot Chart is added in a Pivot Greed window for quick data visualization.
  • Numerous other user-interface and performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Log Parser Lizard 3.5

  • Support for Google BigQuery queries. With Google's servers doing all the big data heavy lifting, LPL users will be able to fly through vast data sets with all the visualization options they're accustomed to in the software. 
  • Bug fixes

Log Parser Lizard 3.0

  • * Pivot Grid to analyze for advanced data mining and multi-dimensional analysis.
  • New and improved Grid View with a number of new features, including Find Panel, column chooser and advanced filtering dialog.
  • New and improved Chart View with advanced Chart Wizard for customizing data series and chart behavior and appearance.
  • Command line support.
  • Can show MS logparser command line with properties.
  • Batch files. Batch files can run from command line and save results to a number of different file formats.
  • All Queries form with multithreading support. Run multiple queries and save results to a file. You can also run custom command for each query (to send notifications for instance).
  • * Storing queries in SQL server database is now available for single user license holders.
  • * Advanced print preview for creating documents and send them by email from Log Parser Lizard.
  • Read Androild logcat logs using regular expressions and standard console output. This can also be used by any other console application.
  • Support for Log Parser Custom Input Format plugins.
  • New TEXT FILE input format. Read all text file as a single record, then extract fields using regular expression.
  • * Export data to PDF, RTF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, MHT, CSV, TSV, XML (MS .Net data table) and TXT files.
  • Import queries from Log Parser Studio.
  • Numerous other user-interface and performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Log Parser Lizard 2.5

  • Conditional column format (color, font, size, image, etc). For instance, you can set the condition to change color of the errors in red, warnings in yellow or to highlight the field if it contains some string.
  • *Store queries in SQL Server database for easily share among users and computers in organization (also for backups, auditing and everything that db storage allows). While using local file storage, when a user saves a query, another user has to recreate the same query if he/she wants to use it. With Log Parser Lizard you may save queries in SQL Server database to easily share queries between users. You can setup the database from Settings dialog box
  • New and improved Excel style row filtering
  • Ability to add columns with Excel style formulas (with most Excel functions)
  • Support for exporting in Excel 2007 format (more than 65365 rows).
  • Small user interface improvements and minor bug fixes.

Log Parser Lizard 2.1

  • Support for inline VB.Net code to create LogParser SQL queries. Write the code between <% and %> marks, it will be executed and result string will be replaced in the query. We believe this feature will be very useful for the users of Log Parser Lizard. For instance, before parsing logs you can move-copy-rename files, download from FTP, shutdown IIS, etc. You can also use .Net data types like DateTime for arithmetic operations and/or System.Envirenment settings in query parameters. This is a sample query with inline VB.Net code: <%
    'Do something here, for instance System.IO.File.Copy("c:\DailyLogs\*.log", "c:\AllLogs")
    Return ""
    date >= '<% RETURN DateTime.Today.AddDays(-7).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")%>' -- last week

    The resulting query from this sample would be:
    SELEC TOP 100 * FROM #IISW3C# WHERE time >= #2011-10-01# -- last week
  • New "Save Query As" command to easily copy existing queries
  • New option to display exact Logparser SQL query to help debugging queries who are using in-line VB.Net, constants and snippets
  • Charts use color palette (till now random colors were used do paint charts)
  • User-interface and performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Log Parser Lizard 2.0

  • Improved SQL code editor with enhanced source navigation and analysis capability, syntax-highlighting, automatic source code completion, method insight, undo/redo, bookmarks and more.
  • Support for Facebook Query Language (FQL)
  • Code snippets (code templates)
  • Log Parser Lizard "constants" binding to static/shared properties from Microsoft .Net
  • Now you can save MS Logparser output format properties for future use.
  • Numerous other user-interface and performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5 is required

Log Parser Lizard 1.0

Released: 2006-May
  • Great looking Office 2010 style GUI for MS log parser
  • Tabbed results allows multiple queries to be run and compared
  • Contains a repository for saved queries, allowing you to organize your collection
  • Show results in data grid (filtering, sorting, grouping, etc…)
  • Allows column sorting, showing different views of the data without re-running the query (a big time saver when working with gigabytes of logs)
  • Includes an advanced grid option that gives Excel-like filtering capabilities and the ability to doAverages, Counts, Max, Min, and Sum equations on the fly
  • Simple interface for building charts
  • Show result in all kinds of chart types (line, pie, bar, column, doughnut, area, 2D and 3D charts, etc…)
  • * Export results in Excel
  • * Save reports in PDF and XPS
  • * Save char images
  • Print log parser reports
  • Support for query constants (defines)
  • Abstracts away from command line parameters allowing the user to focus solely on SQL queries
  • Support for multiline (log4net) and regex (regular expressions) input formats
  • Support for Т-SQL for SQL Server queries helps maintain db admin scripts from one place.
  • Support for OLEDB database connections

Advanced features are available only for licensed users:

* This feature is only available for licensed users (Standard Edition).

** This feature is only available for license holders (Professional Edition).

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