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Can I use Log Parser Lizard for Google BigQuery BigData services?

Yes. If you are using Googles Big Data services (particularly BigQuery) to process your data or large log files, Log Parser Lizard GUI can be used to manage and run queries. The query editor has syntax highlighting and code auto-completion, code snippets, query constants, inline VB.NET code, and more. You can edit and save a new query in the query group as desired. With Google's servers doing all the big data heavy lifting, now you can use LPL to be able to fly through vast data sets with all the visualization options you are accustomed to in the software. This is one of the many new major features included from version 4.0.

To run Google BigQuery query and get results in Log Parser Lizard, select "Google BigQuery" as query type and set the properties in "Input Properties". If you often use the same properties, you can also set defaults in Settings Dialog box (click on "Set Application Defaults" button). Now you can write your SELECT query, run it and browse results from Log Parser Lizard.

Enjoy using LPL and  if you really like it, please recommand it to others too :)

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