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Create monitoring alerts with Log Parser Lizard

Although Log Parser Lizard does not support alerts out of the box, I believe this workaround could be helpful in some cases.

1. Create your query that have alerts parameters and save it to the query set. For instance:

 select * from System where EventType=4 and EventId=7000 -- or whatever you want here to filter the alert messages

 2. Click on input format properties. Set the iCheckpoint property (it is a path to a file that will save the last position of the query and next time will continue from there (not entire log). Please note that the file must be saved on writable location and, must be different for both servers). Test the queries and properties, after that delete the checkpoint files when you think it is ready for production.

3. Save the query

4. Open "All queries window". Check both queries and click on "Run with Parameters".

5.  After clicking on "Run with parameters" from All Queries, select these flags: "Don't save empty reports", "Append date time to file name", "Close application on exit"

6. Check at least one output file format (TXT, PDF or XLS, whatever is good for you... I believe TXT is enough for alerts)

7. Select the output folders

8. Set run command that will execute each time a file is created. For instance

NET SEND "{0}"

Will send you a “net send” message with folder path. This could easily be a call of some command line tool that sends emails from, add attachment or sends SMS (whatever you have in your toolbox).

9. There is a small button in the left bottom corner of the window (Copy command line to clipboard). It will copy the LPL command line to the clipboard. Click on it, then click on Cancel since you don't want to run these queries now.

10. Put this command in a Windows Scheduler to run whenever you want.

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