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Create multiple axes on one Chart using Chart Wizard

Let’s use this sample qury (Event Log Input format) to demonstrate it, but you may use your own:

SELECT EventTypeName, count(*) as [Number of events], mul(count(*),2) as [Number of events x2] from System, Application, Security group by EventTypeName

1. Run the query

2. Open chart wizard and create two series.

3. Bind the two columns to the different series on Data tab (Series Binding).

4. Go to Diagram wizard tab and click on Elements tab on the right. Here you can add or remove elements to the diagram (Panes and Axes). Secondary axes are useful when it is necessary to visually combine several charts into one - for demonstration purposes, or to show similarities in data sets with clarity. Secondary axes provide the ability to plot series with different ranges and types of scale on the same chart. Another common scenario when secondary axes are useful is when series are distributed among multiple panes. Most often, in this case, it's required to plot a primary axis through all panes, and create a secondary axis for each additional pane.

5. Add secondary Y axes for current sample

6. Go to Series View wizard tab.

7. Select Series 2. In the Linked Elements group, Axis Y, select Secondary Y axis 1. Note: in this group you can also change display pane of the selected series if you have added more than one pane in the Diagram tab.

9. Go to Axes wizard tab if you want to edit axes properties (appearance, position, elements, titles, etc…)

10. Close wizard and check the results

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