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Command Line Parameters

You can create your Log Parser Lizard command line from Run With Parameters dialog box by choosing the available  options then click on Copy Command Line to Clipboard button.

These are command line parameters for Log Parser Lizard:


Path of the batch file or log parser lizard query file you want to run.


Set or add new constants after running the application. For instance


Will set the constant SERVERNAME to value “MyServer” and can be used in queries like SELECT * FROM #SERVERNAME#


Path of the query set file you need to load before loading the queries. If not specified, default query set will be loaded. –qset=SQL will load the queries from SQL database

-qid=”QUERY ID”

ID of the query you want to load/run. Multiple qid parameters can be set.


Path to the output directory if you want to save the output to a file (see Flags). If not set, default output folder is used (see the application settings)


The output file name if you want to save the output to a file (see Flags). If not set, default is query name.


Run this command after each file is created

-run=”true” or --run

Run the queries after loading the batch file and/or queries from IDs. Default is false (queries are loaded but doesn't run).


You can set these flags to save the output to a file or to end application after the execution of the query is finished.








--SendEmail (sends email with attached file to default email address set in application settings)



Auto run query parameters:

True or false to activate automatic running of queries

N is the number (integer) of seconds to wait between each run)

Stop after N runs (N is an integer number)

True to stop auto run on the first error. False to ignore errors and continue the auto query run.

Sample command lines:

"Log Parser Lizard.EXE" -quid=10264173F1624038AEE83485BD09BB39 -quid=FE2A1BE4941B4C8EA3AF5F9D3C7D39BA -quid=64C93FFDDFC4451388B33F8A94B92BFC -outdir="D:\My Documents\My Desktop\LPLTESTOUT" --SaveToXlsx --CloseWindowOnFinish --CloseApplicationOnFinish --run

"Log Parser Lizard.EXE" -file="D:\My Documents\My Desktop\LPLTESTOUT\Log Parser Lizard Batch.lplbat" --SaveToPDF --AppendDateToFileName
--CloseApplicationOnFinish --run

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